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European Wasp Trap


European Wasp Trap

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Product Description

European Wasp Trap

Food-grade bait attracts wasps

European wasps are a feral flying insect.They are attracted to sweet foods like cans of softdrink and fruit. If they fly into a drink can and are accidentally swallowed, these wasps have been known to repeatedly sting the inside of the throat which then swells, making breathing impossible.

A sting from a European Wasp can be extremely painful for weeks. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and require immediate medical assistance.

The European Wasp is territorial, usually foraging for food in close proximity to its nest. They do not fly high, preferring to scavenge close to the ground. Large numbers generally indicate a wasp nest is nearby, often built in retaining walls, ceiling cavities, disused rubbish, wood piles, palm tree trunks or underground, living on pet food, fallen fruit and other food sources. The home gardener must continually clear all fruit that has fallen to the ground. Wasps are also attracted to sweet sticky things like soft drinks. Where possible, minimize wasp access to water. Towards last light, you may see the wasps all heading to their nest location.

Benefits of the European Wasp Trap

  • No pesticides, non-toxic - food attractant and this bait is made specifically for luring European Wasps.
  • Screw the trap top to the trap base and hang it from a tree, balcony or other structure where you want the wasps to be attracted to, notably away from people or animals.
  • Wasps fly up under the opening in the trap base, head to the attractant and drown.
  • Replacement bait sachets are available in triple packs.
  • Bait attractant is a food and harmless to pets.


  • Watch the video above to see how aggressive European Wasps are.
  • DO NOT aggravate a European Wasp. Unlike the bee, a wasp can sting multiple times.
  • DO NOT disturb wasp nests. Contact your local council or pest control operator for nest eradication.

Directions for wasp trap use

  • Attach the tie wire supplied to the trap lid.
  • Empty the attractant from the sachet supplied into the trap base.
  • Add approximately one cup of warm water. Swirl the trap to dissolve the powdered attractant.
  • For best results, hang the trap outside where it will receive the most sunlight, preferably where there is less wind.
  • The dissolved attractant requires an activation period, generally about 24 hours before it becomes fully effective. The outside temperature may have some bearing on this time.
  • When the wasp trap is full, bury the contents into the garden or empty into a plastic bag and dispose of in rubbish. Clean it and reset with additional sachets of bait.
  • Do not place the trap next to a wasps nest.
  • Make sure all wasps are dead before opening the trap.
  • Keep the trap out of the reach of children.

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