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Raticator Max - The Master


Raticator Max - The Master

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Product Description

Raticator Max - The Master

The electric chair for rats and mice

The Raticator MAX was previously called the RatZapper Ultra. Same product, same manufacturer, different colour.


  • Sudden death for both rats and mice
  • No rodent immunity to electrocution    
  • Quick, humane, poison-free
  • Simple to use, just turn the switch on, reset it after zapping by turning the switch off then back on again for the next one
  • No more stink in the ceiling from poisoned rodents – it dies inside the Raticator
  • No handling of rodents - simply tip them out
  • Cheap to run – use only a small amount dried dog or cat food up the back of the Raticator, say six pieces, as bait to attract rodents inside
  • Humane – no mangling of rodents, no blood and guts, no long lingering death by poison
  • Safe for pets and wildlife – no accidental secondary kills of animals and birds eating poison baits or poisoned carcasses
  • Raticators do not require 240 volt power nearby to run it
  • Recycle batteries after use in an appliance that takes the same D size batteries  that does not take as much grunt as the Raticator
  • Batteries are only used when zapping for two minutes with automatic cut off - batteries are not used when on standby so leave the Raticator on all year round to get the strays you don't even know you have, before they get a chance to breed up in large numbers
  • Discounts for multiple purchases
  • Six months manufactures’ warranty – please keep your invoice - required for proof of purchase.

Raticator rodent death is humane and immediate by electrocution. Compared to live capture, the killing of rodents is done for you. They are powered by four alkaline batteries and simply baited only with dried dog or cat food. Rodents walk inside the Raticator for the meat smell and suddenly drop dead before they get to eat it. You then see a red flashing light on top of the Raticator. Tip out the dead rat or mouse from your Raticator, yell out NEXT and put it back to work all year round.

The Raticator Max infrared sensor detects rodent body heat when it passes the infrared beam. The beam triggers the electric charge and ZAP!

If you see one rat or mouse, there are likely to be 60 - 200 nesting and breeding nearby in their social group.

Mice are ready to breed at 30 days old. They have litters of five to eight and breed all year round. A breeding pair turns into a couple of thousand mice each year. Rats have sex 20 times a day. As they run, they leave urine trails around the edge of rooms for others to follow. This is the smell.

The front teeth of rodents grow continuously like fingernails. They have to chew to keep these teeth under control. They love chewing electrical wiring in the walls and ceilings, under the bonnets of cars, tractors, combine harvesters, motorcycles, aircraft, airconditioners, pianos. We hear many rodent destructive behavior stories in the shop.

7% of insurance house fire claims are attributed to rats and mice chewing the insulation off electrical wiring. This exposes the bare copper wire which has 240 volts travelling through it. The exposed copper wire can spark and up she goes.

Many customers use Raticators in their home, garage, in the holiday home, caravan, in the chook shed, in aviaries, farm sheds, machinery sheds, warehouses, shops and in aircraft hangars. Raticators are not waterproof and cannot be put out in the weather. Avoid placing Raticators in very high heat close to a corrugated iron roof. Rodents usually run around the edges of rooms (the rodent highway) to stay out of range of predators swooping on them. Place the Raticator around the edge of the room or shed, or in pantries or under furniture or where there are droppings or rodent smells.

Rodents seek out warm, safe places to sleep and breed, around fireplaces, ducted heating, flues etc. This includes wall and ceiling spaces and under bonnets of parked cars with warm motors. Rodents gnaw because their teeth grow continuously. They have to chew to keep teeth short. They can often be heard inside ceilings and walls.

•  No expensive poisons are used or needed - you control where the rodent carcass is. It dies suddenly by electrocution inside the Raticator.
•  No rodents dying and falling down the cavity between walls and stinking the house out for weeks. The rodent dies inside the Raticator for easy disposal. Just tip it out.
•  No torture, blood and guts or mess to clean up from mutilating snap traps.
•  No mangling of rodents who may be trapped but are still alive in snap traps.

•  The Raticator Max takes four 1.5 volt D size alkaline batteries. Batteries are not included with Raticator. Rechargeable batteries are only 1.2 volts. Place them in the Raticator correctly and put back the battery cover.
•  Do not mix old and new batteries or use different brands at the same time.
•  At the end of battery life in the Raticator, there is enough charge to run a radio, torch or similar that does not need as much grunt.
•  Battery life is dependent on how many zaps the Raticator does. Each zap sends a high voltage surge to the rodent for two minutes to ensure a death and then it automatically shuts itself off. With good batteries, you may get 80 or more kills.

•  IMPORTANT - Bait only with dried dog or cat food. Slide about six to eight pieces into the furthest end of the chamber. It gives off a meat odour that entices rats and mice in.
•  The rodent is dead before getting to the bait.
•  Do not use wet, runny, greasy or oily bait in this trap as this interferes with Raticator functions and performance.
•  Freshen up bait occasionally, the whiffier the better.

•  When dust, dirt and dried rodent urine from zapping them build up inside the chamber, the Raticator metal floor needs cleaning to keep good electrical conductivity and operate effectively.
•  To clean, turn the unit off and remove batteries and bait. Soak the base only for a few hours or overnight by covering the base in one centimetre of cold water - no soap or detergents. Never allow electronics on the top of the unit to get wet. Tip out the water without turning the Raticator upside down.
•  Wipe the metal base dry with paper towel get it back to shiny and new - remove all grime or use an old tooth brush to remove stubborn residue.
•  The Raticator has to be 100% dry before it will switch on again. Gentle drying can be done by placing the unit in sunlight for an hour, on a warming rack above a wood stove. Never apply flame or high heat to the Raticator.

•  Just tip the dead rodents out of the unit.
•  Zapped rodents can be turned into garden fertiliser by burying them in the compost bin as there is no poison in them.
•  Place on on top of a fence post for birds of prey to collect.
•  Chooks eat zapped mice for the meat protein.
•  Or tip them into a rubbish bin.

•  Raticators are  not waterproof. Avoid all moisture in the electronics on the top.
•  Used in a covered chook shed, put the Raticator inside a supermarket bag with two good elastic bands to prevent moisture, droppings and dust from getting into the electronics in the top of the unit. Moisture or night condensation kills the Raticator.
•  Avoid dust buildup on top. Treat the electronics on top like a mobile phone.
•  Rodents  run along skirting boards. Place Raticators along a skirting board or where there are droppings or under furniture.
•  Rats are more wary than mice and may wait a few days until the Raticator becomes part of their familiar scenery before they approach it so avoid shifting it each day. Let them get used to seeing the same thing in the same place. Mice just head for the food.
•  If you cannot access a flat ceiling through a manhole, place the Raticator at floor level, inside or under the house they have to come down to eat eventually.
•  If there is one rat or mouse, there are typically around 60 or more in the social group nearby. They do not live in isolation. You know how many there are when you count the catches in your Raticator.
•  The more rodent smell is inside the Raticator, the more others are encouraged to enter.
•  Run the Raticator all year round to prevent larger numbers from breeding up. On standby is not using up batteries. When rodents tend to come inside in larger numbers, especially in Autumn, there are not as many left to come in and you zap those that do.
•  Place Raticators where you think rodents are active. They mark their territory by urinating and leaving droppings. Rat droppings are larger than mouse droppings.
•  Remove other sources of food so that hungry rodents are more attracted to your baited Raticator.
•  Check Raticators daily, tip out the zapped rodent, reset the trap by switching it off and on for the next one. Yell out NEXT! If a dead rodent is left inside for longer, flies find it and maggots go walkabout up into the electronics and damage the unit.

•  The Raticator emits a high voltage shock for two minutes, much stronger than an electric fence. It is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it, have access to it or be in proximity of this device. If a small or newborn pet can walk into this device, it will probably be fatal. Individuals with heart conditions, pacemakers or similar should exercise particular care when using this device. Do not use near flammable vapours, liquids or dry combustible solids to avoid danger of fire or explosion. Turn off its power before handling the device. Never insert hands or any held object into the chamber unless power is turned off and batteries removed.
•  Do not allow Raticator electronics in the top of the unit to be in the rain or get wet or it will damage the electronics and void the warranty.
•  Turn off the unit and remove batteries before cleaning.
•  Incorrect placement of batteries may damage electrical components.
•  Use the Raticator on a stable or flat surface where it cannot fall.

•  Six months manufacturers warranty from date of purchase. Warranty claims require proof of purchase - your original invoice - from IT’S A TRAP! prior to returning the unit for repair or replacement, at our discretion.
•  Freight to IT’S A TRAP! is at the customers expense.

To any postal address in Australia.


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