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The Eliminator Automatic Rat and Mouse Trap


The Eliminator Automatic Rat and Mouse Trap

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Product Description

THE ELIMINATOR - comes with two gas cylinders

Automatic multi-kill rat and mouse trap

This professional and durable trap that is scientifically designed to humanely kill rats and mice over the long term. It kills instantly with no animal suffering. The lure scent that draws in rodents is a non-toxic, long-distance scent attractant.

The Eliminator is designed for years of use by absentee holiday property owners, outside in wildlife conservation areas, in orchards, yards, stockfeed sheds, shops, warehouses, homes, aviaries, garages and commercial properties. It is used by professional vermin controllers, wildlife rangers, business owners, shopkeepers, farmers, macadamia growers, rental property managers and householders.

There is never just one rat or mouse. They live and breed fast in social groups of at least 200 rodents or more.

Set The Eliminator and it repeatedly kills rats and mice even when you are not there. This is not live capture - the humane killing is done for you.

The package comes with three pre-trap attractants. Break open a pack and attach it to test a likely trap location to determine the best spot to place the trap. When the test attractant is chewed by rodents, place the Eliminator at that location.

Rats and mice smell the powerful lure, follow its scent up into the trap, trigger it and are killed immediately with a metal spike shot to the head. The spike then automatically retracts. With gravity, the dead rodent drops out of the bottom of the trap and it resets itself ready for the next pest.

The long-life lure comes with the trap. Every month or so of use, break up the surface of the lure with a toothpick if it crusts over to release a fresh bait smell. A bottle of lure is good for at least six months.

Two carbon dioxide gas cylinders which power the trap spike comes with your order. Replacement gas cylinders and lures are available. Each gas cylinder has about 24 charges in it.

The Eliminator is toxin free. It has been designed to save you time, effort and avoid the recurring cost of poisons and indiscriminate secondary kills of other birds and animals that eat poisoned rodent carcasses.

Set the trap up once by detaching the orange bracket, securing it on a plank of wood about 500 mm long using the two screws provided, then re-attaching the body of The Eliminator to the bracket with the lure and gas cylinder attached.  Then the trap is portable. The open end on the bottom of the trap is pointing to the ground at about 100 - 150 mm from ground level. Lean the plank with trap attached against a wall, tree, shed, inside or outside so that gravity drops out the dead rodents. You may choose to secure the trap permanently in the one location directly on to a wall or base of a tree.

The Eliminator benefits

  • Repeater - immediately resets itself for the next rodent
  • Ongoing instant death for rats and mice
  • Simple hands-off operation
  • No electronics, batteries or poisons needed
  • Multi-kill automatic system - you do not have to manually reset the trap each kill
  • No toxins in the long-life, purpose-designed, formulated lure included
  • Use indoors or outdoors in the weather
  • Live rodents are not deterred by dead rodents that self-empty by gravity below the base of the trap - dead rodents are often taken by birds of prey if outdoors
  • Can be positioned in wildlife areas to exclude native animals
  • Recyclable Co2 canisters
  • Sturdily built to last for years of use
  • Compact size
  • Works day and night
  • Economical to run
  • Minimal requirements for servicing
  • Maximum reliability and simplicity
  • Precision engineered industrial design and manufacturing
  • Around 24 kills per cylinder
  • Additional cylinders and lures can be ordered. $15.00 each new lure, $7.50 each cylinder replacement.


Click here to see The Eliminator at work

 Assists biodiversity

The Eliminator provides a practical solution to one of the most serious environmental problems - biodiversity decline. The design and manufacture of this automatic trap humanely kills only pest animals competing with native animals for food and habitat and then quickly resets itself.


Because The Eliminator empties itself of dead rodents, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. No mangled rodents to deal with. With gravity, dead rodents drop to the ground below from the base of The Eliminator and it resets itself immediately, ready for the next live rodent.

Locating the trap

For conservation areas, attach The Eliminator to a tree with the two screws provided, about a meter off the ground to keep it out of reach of small native animals.  

In a warehouse or other building, attach The Eliminator to a plank of wood leaning against a wall with the trap about 20 to 30 centimeters off the ground.

CO2 powered

Power for the trap comes from the CO2 cannister. The advantages of CO2 are clear. It is a reliable, powerful and efficient source of energy. It is also recyclable and as a by-product of the brewing industry. It is sustainable. Using CO2 to power these automatic traps makes perfect sense. With CO2, the trap delivers a massive impact immediately and has the ability to remain available for up to a year. The Eliminator provides a powerful strike whether it is needed today, tomorrow, next week or next month.

Expect around 24 kills per canister in colder climates and up to 30 kills in warmer climates. Replacement cylinders are available. This system is a lot more economical to run than purchasing poison baits.

Why The Eliminator is so successful

The special lure has undergone intensive scientific evaluation to ensure maximum pulling power by focussing on the attractive olfactory (smell) notes that are most desired by rats and mice. Unlike poison baits, rodents do not need to eat this lure. The scent just draws them into the trap where they touch the sensitive trigger that fires the metal spike.

You do not need to be constantly buying and replacing toxic baits. The long-life lure is released slowly over approximately a six month period. Occasionally, tap the lure bottle to break the crust formed on the top to release more lure scent.

Benefits to other animals

The Eliminator avoids all the unintended but common side effects of traps that use poisons such as killing pets and unintended native species including predatory native birds and mammals that eat rodent poison and/or the poisoned carcasses. 

What to do with dead rodents

The poison-free carcasses can be placed on top of fence posts for predator birds to carry away, freshly killed mice can be fed to chooks who convert the meat to protein which they need for feathers and egg production (same as chooks eating earthworms and bugs for protein), they can be composted and turned into nitrogen fertiliser, buried or bagged and binned.

Trap spacing

The Eliminator was originally designed for use outside in wilderness conservation areas where it could be dropped in by helicopter. In wilderness areas, The Eliminator is spaced at intervals of 50 to 100 meters because of the strong pulling power of the purpose-designed lure scent. By comparison, poison bait rodent stations are normally spaced at three meter intervals for mice and nine meter intervals for rats.

In urban environments and inside buildings, the recommended spacing of Eliminator traps is 10 meters apart for mice and 20 to 30 meters apart for rats.

How The Eliminator works

The rodent lure is mounted above the rodent entry chamber. The scent draws the rodent in to investigate.

The Eliminator works by striking the skull of the animal with a steel-cored, glass reinforced polymer piston, killing it instantly. This piston is driven by a measured volume of compressed Co2 when the animal triggers the trap. Once the animal has been struck, the piston returns back to its casing, dropping the animal to the ground. The Eliminator resets itself immediately.

The Eliminator is powered by one Gold standard Co2 canister. The pressure inside the metal cylinder ranges from 1,500 to 13,000 kPa, depending on the ambient temperature. When the canister is attached to the trap and it is triggered by a rodent, the gas instantly passes through a regulator which restricts the pressure released into the trap to about 500 kPa.

Inside The Eliminator, the precision-designed internal pressure reservoirs are equilibrated at 500 kPa. The pressure behind the piston diaphragm forces it shut, closing off the piston bore.

The natural rodent lure is mounted above the entry chamber, drawing in the rodent to investigate. When the rodent’s head is inside the chamber, it brushes against the sensitive metal spike trigger which is set at just 20 grams pressure to instantly activate the trap.

The trigger opens the vent valve, venting the Co2 gas from the vent reservoir and from behind the piston diaphragm to atmospheric pressure. The higher pressure in the piston reservoir then explodes out into the piston bore, driving the glass reinforced polymer piston out into the side of the entry chamber into the rodents head at a force of 30 Kg, instantly killing the rodent. The piston holds in place for 0.25 seconds.

Now that the internal pressure has been released, the Co2 canister releases more Co2 and the piston diaphragm once more closes off the piston bore. A small spring draws the piston back into the firing piston, releasing the dead rodent which drops by gravity out the bottom of the trap, making it ready for the next rodent to enter the chamber.


Because the metal spike that fires inside this trap acts instantly, to avoid injury, always ensure that The Eliminator is out of reach of children and pets. It is not a toy. Never put your hand inside the chamber. The trap comes with a triangular metal warning sign to place nearby.

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